Mark M. Widtfeldt


"From our family to yours, we invite you to come try and compare our products to find exactly what meets your needs".

Easy Housekeeping Shops

 Easy Housekeeping Shops was founded by Ed Parsons in the 1960s. Prior to opening his first shop, Ed sold vacuums door-to-door. Since his father inlaw had previously taught him to repair vacuum motors, he decided he wanted a way to help people maintain their existing machines instead of always having to buy something new. It was then that Woburn Vacuum was born. Ed worked side-by-side with his son Bob until Bob took over the family business in the 1980s. Bob changed the company name to Easy Housekeeping Shops and built the business to 5 locations. After 2 downturns in the economy, the business was reduced to it's 2 existing locations, Woburn and Chelmsford. Today, Ed's son-in-law, Mark Widtfeldt, runs the business with his brother-in-law, Paul Lund. Mark and Paul have worked with Easy Housekeeping for over 40 years.